Friday, 10 August 2007

Island Beach Jewellery Party, 29th July 2007

Flaunt London was pleased to have its launch party at a lovely venue in Westferry, many thanks to the kind hostess! Even London showed some support and provided a fantastic sunny afternoon and evening. It would be fair to say most items were purchased and many punters left with a unique piece that will certainly complement their fine summer outfits (Image Right, the lovely Jo is our first customer!). The pieces of jewellery on display were only eclipsed by the lively guitar repertoire provided by Randel Tolentino and Omar Dapul! (Image Beneath, they take it away!)

Owing to the party's first success, Flaunt will be unveiling a Fall/Winter collection which will showcase items designed to sparkle and dazzle, colours will be richer and bolder to brighten up those evening and party outfits. Many thanks to all that showed their support and help out, was very much appreciated and look forward to seeing you at the next party!

I know I love jewellery, but there is always spare love for food! Thanks to Mei Lan for setting up!

Friday, 27 July 2007

Eleven; Earrings

New York; Earrings

Cluster Green; Earrings

Melaka; Earrings

Alison Pink; Earrings

Alison Green; Earrings